Hosted PBX

Reduce your capital expenses, maintenance and equipment costs by using the Cloud with a hosted PBX solution for your voice over IP (VoIP) needs.  You no longer have to pay for or dedicate your IT personnel to the extrinsic task on managing your VoIP.  Put your IT to better use with hosted PBX.

Hosted PBX Benefits

  • Total Flexibility – Perfect for creating a seamless VoIP solution between multiple locations, remote employees and work-from-home employees.
  • 100% Scalable – Order exactly how many phone extensions you need and scale that number as you need.
  • Secure & Reliable – The geographically redundant hardware and highly specialized IT personal that come with hosted PBX are available 24×7 and constantly upgrading to ensure your VoIP is always running.  You can’t beat this kind of service with anything in-house.
  • Eliminate Equipment Management – You no longer have to maintain or upgrade any equipment, which means you can dedicate your IT staff to core business tasks.
  • Predictable Cost Structure – Now that your equipment is gone, you pay a constant, low fee for the service, reducing risk, stress and sporadically high expenses.
  • Easy to Implement & Use – The learning curve is minimal with the advanced calling features you now receive.
  • Future-Proof Your Infrastructure – You will always have the latest VoIP features and capabilities because your provider will handle all upgrades and capital expenditures on new equipment.
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