Audio, Video and Web Conferencing Solutions

Conferencing service allows your business to increase productivity, profitability, and customer service to provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Whether leveraging Audio, Video of Web conferencing services your clients, staff and executives can conduct sales demos, trainings, board meetings without having to leave the office. Save your business thousands of dollars monthly or annually by deploying the latest in conferencing technology.

Conferencing Features & Benefits

Audio Conferencing Solutions
 Low cost reservationless conferencing - You conduct your conference calls without making a reservation or using an operator. All of the attendees simply dial a toll or toll free number and enter a pincode when prompted by the system. This service is easy to use and very cost effective.

Operator Assisted Meet Me and 800 Meet Me - All participants dial in to a toll or toll free number, our operators greet participants and place them into their conference.

Video Conferencing Service - Video Conferencing Service allows two or more sites to join the same pre-scheduled video conference call at any time and from anywhere – helping your business to reduce travel costs and increasing collaboration among your employees and suppliers.

Web Conferencing - Web conferencing allows you to add a visual dimension to your audio conferences – presenting documents, diagrams, and illustrations easily and effectively from remote locations. Turn your audio conferencing events into extraordinary experiences for your audience by leveraging the Web Conferencing Services

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