“As a newly appointed IT Manager of a mid-size organization in the construction material business, I was tasked to formulate a new technology strategy that would support our growing and diverse business needs.  At the time we were using a basic frame relay network with our HQ as the base of connectivity.  We wanted something more reliable and not dependent on the availability of one office to service our software to all our other satellite locations.

To help us build a better alternative we contacted DigiTel Services and challenged them to map out a new solution for our company that is faster, more cost effective, and to implement without major interruptions to business.  DigiTel met all 3 goals.  5 years later we are still on the same MPLS platform executed by DigiTel and other strategic partners.

We’ve maintained a strong relationship with the DigiTel team as they continue to renegotiate our telco relationships for better speeds/prices and update us on market trends of the industry.  DigiTel has helped alleviate any network concerns of the IT department and freed my time to concentrate on other key business processes that need technical innovation.”

M. Tejano, IT Engineering Services Manager at Carolina Sunrock LLC


DigiTel Services has handled our MPLS, Voice and Internet connections across nine offices for the past nine years.  They negotiated multiple contracts with multiple carriers. Without DigiTel, this would have been a long and complex process.  Every implementation was seamless and I attribute much of that success to the expertise and professionalism DigiTel’s brought to the table.”

B. Hobgood, IT Director/Partner at Orion International


DigiTel has been great to work with.  They helped me every step of the way in acquiring a fiber connection for my company, especially in the contract stages when we ran into some hurdles with the Carrier.  Most recently, they presented a promotion that allowed me to double my bandwidth for just a slight increase in my monthly rate.  They have always gone above and beyond to help me when I needed them.

L. Cockrell at Rural Wireless Network


Power companies rely on us to be up and running when natural disasters happen. DigiTel Services helped us strategize and put into place a disaster recovery solution that has been crucial for our business. DigiTel also negotiated and implemented Voice and Data services, and helped us implement servers and emails off premise and in the Cloud.  If I had sought out these services myself, it would have taken time to research and negotiate, which I don’t have.”

C. Shoaf, Vice President at NTS


I have worked with DigiTel Services for three years now and they have been a massive help, providing me with Voice and Data services, and most importantly, coordinating all of my telecom services back when I was moving offices.  Now, we’re in the process of building a Cloud strategy and I couldn’t be more confident in their expertise.”

J. Steele – CEO at Weston Banks


DigiTel Services helps me understand all my options for connectivity, and helps me choose the best for my business’ needs. I want to make sure the voice and data services I choose are going to be a good fit with my business’ costs and needs – DigiTel Services helps me evaluate ALL the options and ensures that I get what I need for the right price.”

L. Sullivan, IT Systems Administrator at SciMetrika


I have worked with DigiTel Services on a number of projects over the years.  They are my go-to resource when I need telecom solutions for my clients.   Their recommendations are well designed and their responsiveness has always exceeded my expectations.”

T. McFadden, Technology Director at Lamar Electric Cooperative