Using a Broker

Are we resellers of communication services?

Definitely not.  We are experienced solutions consultants representing many service providers.  We have access to all of the same products and services as direct reps with no bias towards any single provider.  Your service provider will still provide direct billing and customer support.  We will be your service advocate to ensure proper implementation and on-going support. We are the mediator that expedites and simplifies communication between you and your service provider.

Why use CloNav instead of a direct sales rep from a provider?

CloNav functions as your one-stop-shop for an unbiased consultation and quotes from service providers that best fit your needs.  Our mission is to find the best solution amongst many providers for your business. Meanwhile, a direct rep is dedicated to convincing you that they have a solution that fits your needs.  Our experienced solutions consultants work with you for the lifetime of your agreement.  This means your carrier rep changes multiple times during the agreement’s lifetime, leaving you to figure out who is your latest contact person when you need a point person the most.  Our experience is that due to high turnover with sales and sales support within providers, our clients rely on and appreciate the long term personal relationship CloNav brings to the table.

Is there a fee I have to pay to work with CloNav?

NO.  You receive our services at no additional cost.