Virtual Server

How safe do you really feel storing all of your business critical data in a physical server?  Is a cloud-based disaster recovery plan all you need?

Having a disaster recovery plan is a great start, but that still means your business comes to a standstill when your server goes down.  A virtual server puts your entire server in the cloud so you NEVER have to worry about business downtime again.

You want to maximize time dedicated to your actual business, thus, maximizing productivity and maximizing profit.  The beauty of server virtualization is that it liberates you from managing your technology.  Our providers will manage, monitor, and maintain all of your technology so you can do that.

The pros of server virtualization are substantial:

  • Cost Reduction – energy usage substantially decreases, so energy cost substantially decreases
  • No Downtime – 100% uptime guaranteed with redundant (backup) servers
  • Flexibility – when your company grows, so does your cloud space; no oversized or limiting server
  • High Performance – reliable and fast access to your critical data and applications
  • Security – our providers that have tested and proven their platform security
  • Decrease Physical Resources – no more inconvenient server, no more disaster risk, and more closet space

DigiTel Services works with some of the best virtual server providers who support major enterprises, so you will receive top notch technology, security, and support.  We eliminate the risk of an insecure virtual server by weeding out those low quality providers.  You also don’t want your provider charging you for unnecessary space and service.  We make sure you don’t pay a penny more than necessary by finding the service best tailored to your needs.

Say bye to your hazardous, unaccommodating server.  Upgrade to a cost efficient, customizable virtual server that grows when your business grows.

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