Email Solutions

Email Solutions (email Archiving, Email Continuity, and Hosted Exchange)

28% of the work day is supposedly spent answering and reading emails

If this is true, then email must be one of the most valuable resources in business.  So, why not make your email the most secure and efficient resource it can be?

DigiTel Services is here to help you decide what email services you might need and which providers are best fit to your needs.  Whether you’re interested in checking email from your smartphone or need a failsafe for when email goes down, we’ve become experts on the subject so you don’t need to be.  Check out the services we can help you with below or give us a call at 800-915-6140.

Hosted Exchange

Why should anyone shift to Hosted Exchange?

Businesses no longer need tons of technology consuming energy and money.  With cloud computing, you can cut out much of your onsite resources and streamline operations.

Hosted Exchange is good for businesses that want to save money and avoid paying for a full server license, hardware, and maintenance.  The Exchange will house and sync your email folders, calendar appointments, contacts, notes, and tasks.  All of these items are stored, integrated and backed up in one location, reducing complexity and increasing efficiency.  Another feature is Direct Push, which allows you to sync mobile devices like cellphones and tablets to your email over a cellular or wireless network connection.  Your mobile devices will notify you when new content is ready to be synchronized.

Here’s a quick and easy breakdown of the benefits:

  • Reduced costs – long-term benefits because the hardware, energy usage, and maintenance are outsourced
  • Flexibility – you have the option to switch providers, change setups, and upgrade to new versions with minimal and effort
  • All Encompassing – email, calendar appointments, contacts, notes, and tasks are synced and streamlined
  • Direct Push – Hosted Exchange syncs with your mobile devices
  • Licensing – no longer your problem
  • Support – 24x7x365

The beauty of Hosted Exchange is its efficiency.  Your provider takes care of everything, and you only pay for exactly what you need.  If you were to do this in-house, the server would be costly, and you would have to pay for more server space than you need.  In the cloud, there is no unnecessary server space and there is always enough.  So, let us help you find the provider who is perfect for your needs.

Email Continuity

Email continuity is one of the most valuable backups you can invest in.  “Why?” you might ask.  Email is the most important form of communications in business these days.  Your most valuable and time sensitive information travels through email, so when it goes down, your most critical communication channel is down.

Let’s take a step back.  What is email continuity? It is an always-on feature of the Archive.  What does email continuity do?  It provides a copy of your mailbox which allows you to Send, Reply, and Forward emails in the event of an outage.  You will also have total access to contacts, calendars, distributions lists, addresses and past emails.  The outage is practically nonexistent with email continuity.

So let’s look at the pros:

  • Automatically activates when an outage occurs
  • Outages are virtually nonexistent to the outside world
  • 100% email access guaranteed
  • No maintenance necessary after configuration
  • Integrates with Microsoft Outlook seamlessly

Email is undeniably the most important form of communication in business.  So you can’t risk an email outage for any extended length of time.

Email Archiving

The information that travels through your email is not only the most important, but also the most private information of your business.  Regulatory agencies have set laws in place to ensure ethical and privacy standards are being met.  So, to protect your business, archiving is essential.  But you don’t want to dedicate time and resources to creating and organizing an archive.  And you definitely don’t want to be investigated when your archive is in total disarray.

Benefits of hosted archiving:

  • Eases compliance with record-retention regulations
  • Improves email retrieval process
  • Saves space on your mail server
  • Protects past emails from revisions by other parties
  • Deployment is quick and effortless
  • If a provider is subpar, decline renewing the contract rather than dealing with unwanted hardware and software
  • No need to hire IT personnel because the provider will handle all complex IT management
  • Our providers are up-to-date with the latest hardware and software so you don’t have to be
  • Our providers can handle growth and accommodate remote locations with ease compared to in-house archives

Email management of any kind is troubling.  Outsourcing it will make your life less stressful and your pockets fuller.

Email Management

Email management is the ultimate email outsourcing package. It covers email security, continuity and archiving solutions. Rather than purchasing the hardware, hiring the qualified IT personnel, and spending your precious time managing your email, we can set you up with one provider to take care of it all.  You also don’t want to acquire these services from multiple providers and have an incongruous system. DigiTel Services has providers that offer the full package. We want to help connect you to the providers that best meet your needs.

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