About DigiTel Services

DigiTel Services, a Raleigh, NC based telecom and advanced network solution master agent, was founded on the premise of providing businesses with a simplified way to purchase and manage telecom solutions. By offering a full suite of Data, Telecom and Professional Services we are able to simplify the purchase, installation, and management of our clients’ telecom and network requirements. DigiTel Services serves as an experienced advisor and primary contact point throughout the entire telecom life cycle from solution architecture to implementation and ongoing account management.

Our experience has been that most clients receive the desired customer support from a carrier during the initial sell only to see the response time and account management decrease over the term of the agreement. This can be a direct result of high turnover in the telecom industry or telecom representatives that are only focused on the sell. DigiTel Services guarantees the solutions and customer service that businesses demand for the term of the contract.

DigiTel Services has partnered with industry leaders to deliver multi carrier solutions that will meet the dynamic requirements of businesses today. Because of our carrier selection, we offer an unbiased consultation free of charge, helping our clients to make informed decisions.

Why Choose DigiTel?